How to Build Commercial Rabbit Cages

Apr 16th

Whether you are raising rabbit cages for an exhibition, commercial meat or for the pet, or just because pets for your own enjoyment, store them properly makes the difference between hard work for you and a clean environment for them.

Nice Rabbit Cages
Nice Rabbit Cages


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  1. Cut 6 sheets of galvanized wire into sections of 24 x 24 inches (60 x 60 cm). This is the usual commercial size in rabbit cages.
  2. Holding the front, back and side to the bottom of the cage with J-shaped clips and then fold them with pincers panels.
  3. Hold the side panel’s front, back and side with J-shaped clips and then fold them with tongs.
  4. Cut the door opening, reserving the piece to the door later. Make sure the hole is big enough to comfortably afford and get the animals out.
  5. Cut the door into three sections to cover edges, top, bottom and edges of panel open.
  6. Place a wire hook to open the door edge. Staple the top end of the door panel to the opening of the cage with J-shaped clips and staples closing clips with tongs shaped clips J.
  7. Subject poles shaped metal channels “L” to the four corners of the rabbit cages for use as legs and thus ensure that the cage is kept at a height suitable for handling.

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